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Hello there! My name is Pascal Vleugels

Hello there! My name is Pascal Vleugels

I am a creative webdesigner from The Netherlands who loves to build websites
that look good and work like a charm. Oh yeah, I'm also a social media junky and SEO enthusiast.
View some of my recent work or take a look at what I do all day.

It all starts with an idea...

  • Brainstorm


    Creative thinking creates challenges and brings solutions.
  • Design


    Pushing pixels around to create visual harmony.
  • Search Engine Optimalisation


    Optimizing your site for the best searchresults.
  • Concept


    Creating a vision/idea and a clear path to follow.
  • Prototype


    Finding out what works and what doesn't by doing!
  • Statistics


    Measure and analyze your achievements.
  • Sketching


    Don't be limited by technique but be as free as possible.
  • Coding


    Let the magic begin and create a working piece of art.
  • Show me the work!